Программа эффекта

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--3D command; creates a copy of the model, group, light, or camera and all of its children. The clone shares the parent of the model, group, light, or camera from which it was cloned.


--A clone of a model uses the same model resource and is assigned the same shaderList as the original model.


--If you do not specify the cloneName, or if you specify "", the clone will not be counted by the count method, but it will appear in the scene.



--cloneName Required. Specifies the name of the new clone.



--This statement creates a clone named Teapot2 from the model named Teapot, and returns a reference to the new model.



--teapotCopy = member("3D World").model("Teapot").clone("Teapot2")


global a

--property n6,n7,n8,n9

on beginsprite me

  my = sprite(me.spriteNum).member




  my.newTexture("backdrop", #fromCastmember, member("sky"))

  my.camera(1).insertBackdrop(1,my.texture("backdrop"), point(0,0), 0)




on exitFrame me


  if (a=1) then

ff =member("my").model("Sphere01").clone()


  end if


  go the frame





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